Top 5 Fully Themed MIUI 9 Theme

MIUI 9 is the latest Mi User Interface available for Xiaomi phones. The Global Stable version of MIUI 9 is rolling out to most of the Xiaomi devices in batches. If you are lucky enough to get the update on your phone then you know how good it is. But those who didn’t get will get it very soon. MIUI is known for their open customization Interface that is available for only Xiaomi Phones. You don’t need to root your phone for customization, everything you can get through Themes. Here I will share Top 5 Fully Themed MIUI 9 Theme.

There are a lot of themes available for MIUI 9 and MIUI 8 users. They all are good in different ways, so it is tough to choose best from them. In MIUI there is an option where you can Customize Themes. Customizing Themes is so easy just choose the best Themes in different parts like different Theme for Lock Style and different for Status Bar etc. The themes mentioned as Top 5 Fully Themed MIUI 9 Theme are available on MIUI theme Store.

The best thing I like about MIUI is anyone can make their own theme and publish it on Theme Store. And there are many designer and developers who love to design themes, I would like to thank them.

Top 5 Fully Themed MIUI 9 Theme

Kakek’ane ReDesign

Kakek'ane ReDesign MIUI 9 Theme MTZ DownloadDesigned by: Solekhul Mustakin



Trikster MIUI 9 Theme MTZ DownloadDesigned by: Rian Setiawan



SHECIONK NY MIUI 9 Theme MTZ DownloadDesigned by: Sokhael Khan


Meki Pinkers

Meki Pinkers MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

Designed by: Rian Setiawan


L.I.B.O Blue

L.I.B.O Blue MIUI 9 Theme MTZ DownloadDesigned by: Sokhael Khan


If you already have MIUI Designer Account then follow below steps, Othewise click on this link for tutorial on how to apply

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How to Install Themes on Xiaomi MIUI phones

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the MIUI theme in .mtz extension on your computer, copy the same into your device storage or SD card using a standard USB cable.

Step 2: Go to app drawer on your device and launch the Themes app.

Step 3: Under Theme tab, you need to select Offline.

Step 4: Here you’ll see the list of all offline themes that comes pre-installed within your smartphone.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on Import.

Step 7: Now, access to the appropriate folder, and tap the .mtz theme file which you have saved to device storage.

Step 8: The theme will install and it will be shown along with other offline themes.

Step 9: Select the theme and tap on “Apply”.

That’s it! The new theme will be automatically applied on your device.

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