Top 10 MIUI 9 Themes for Redmi Note 4 2018

Hello MIUIer’s, if you are searching for Top 10 MIUI 9 Themes for Redmi Note 4 then yes, you are totally at the right place. Today we are going to share the latest Xiaomi MIUI theme with all of you. Some of these themes are not available in Xiaomi Theme Store, so you have to download and apply them manually. Themes for Redmi Note 4.

There are many themes for Redmi Note 4 around the world wide web but some of them are very basic and are not that attractive so we decided to share something attractive themes so that our readers fall in love with. So we have shared top 10 themes with the download link as well, you can choose any of your choice which you like, so let’s begin. Themes for Redmi Note 4.

Top 10 MIUI 9 Themes for Redmi Note 4 2018


Dee-pu MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

Yellow Bee V8

Yellow Bee V8 MIUI 9 MTZ DownloadDownload


Flame[DD] MIUI 8 Theme MTZ DownloadDownload

Win10 Pro

Win10 Pro MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

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Blackberry MIUI 8 Theme MTZ Download

Purple Fever

Purple Fever MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

Blue GS

BLUE GS MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

My Backup

My Backup MIUI 9 Theme MTZ DownloadThis theme comes with Amazing Panaroma Rotating Wallpaper.



Freeway MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

My iOS 11 Dark

My iOS 11 Dark MIUI 9 Theme MTZ Download

This is one of my favrouite iOS Theme as I mostly prefer Dark Themes, and our most of the users like iOS Themes. This Theme comes with most number of App Modules. This is an amazing theme with just one problem which all the black theme faces. When you search on youtube or any other app the text is in black color and also the background is black so the text is not visible.


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How to Install Themes on Xiaomi MIUI phones

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded the MIUI theme in .mtz extension on your computer, copy the same into your device storage or SD card using a standard USB cable.

Step 2: Go to app drawer on your device and launch the Themes app.

Step 3: Under Theme tab, you need to select Offline.

Step 4: Here you’ll see the list of all offline themes that comes pre-installed within your smartphone.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on Import.

Step 7: Now, access to the appropriate folder, and tap the .mtz theme file which you have saved to device storage.

Step 8: The theme will install and it will be shown along with other offline themes.

Step 9: Select the theme and tap on “Apply”.

That’s it! The new theme will be automatically applied on your device.

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